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Caregiver Support


Professional Caregivers are the heart center and foundation of all we do at Dementia Coaching. net as an organization. They have the hardest job of all providing direct care, because they only come into the picture of Care Partnership after the family admits they can no longer safely manage care alone. When each family surrenders to the fact they are in way over their head and their loved one is better off in someone else’s care, that’s when they are willing to pay money to get outside help.

Then the question of in-home care vs assisted living or a nursing home becomes a critical choice. A new sense of urgency comes to light. That’s where a Dementia Coach can help assess the situation and make recommendations for the next steps with a personalized care plan.

It goes without saying that the hardest Care Partner job is In-Home Care, because you’re on your own. Even when an agency is involved the Caregiver is on their own, because all the worst problems occur when no one is even available by phone.. Each decision you make on a day to day basis is critical to the health and welfare of each Care Partner. Family peace of mind should be a key priority here.

So to this end, Dementia Coaching.net will help provide the best, most experienced Care Partnership team for each family we serve and provide each professional a small group support team and Forum for them to come together to share and vent emotions, brainstorm creative solutions, get private counseling from a Dementia Coach. They will also share tips on how to negotiate rates, build a team approach so they can take vacations, and gain back office support so they can focus on providing the best quality care.

Family caregivers will also be paired with other family Care Partners in a similar P2P Coaching arrangement with like minded individuals from similar family backgrounds. We will offer resources and online support to provide them with the high touch services not found anywhere else. This is our sacred promise, because we have the greatest respect for the lone family caregiver who is unpaid, undervalued, and overwhelmed daily, hourly, & moment to moment. 50% of family caregivers will die with dementia themselves or have a heart problem due to unrelenting stress.

Many family Care Partners become seriously ill due to being locked up with someone with serious memory issues & this is what we want to prevent as much as possible with our programs, technology, and partners help. Nurturing Care Partners is a Win-Win for people and families & that’s why we are so focused on partnerships with openly sharing ideas and values.

We offer the following for Profession Care Givers:

1. Professional Care Partner support systems, education, training, counselling, & back office support.

2. Online marketing platforms
3. Dementia Coaching/counseling
4. Family Care Partner P2P support and coaching.
5. “Caregiving For Care Partners” video series ( coming soon)
6. Research based stress reduction programs and life story writing for communities,  families, and individuals.