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Healthy Ageing Foundation 2/2/17 2nd Post

February 2, 2017

Today’s post is about David’s lessons in Heart Healing and Inner Peace that will be passed along to all Compassionate Warriors as members of our Tribe. The key in using the Gratitude Garden Meditation Practice is
1. Ask first of all for God’s guidance in everything you do.
2. Writing out all the lessons and insights that come to you when you go to the Gratitude Garden on a daily basis.
What we offer to all Compassionate Warriors is the best Gratitude Garden medicine we can offer to anyone which is how to help you find a balanced approach to living, loving, learning, and laughing in the Four Fold Way Philosophy of the CW Lifestyle in the Gratitude Garden,..
Since David’s mom died 6 years ago David’s anger drove him to pay Life’s FEE to learn how to heal the emotional black holes in his heart that came as result of a distant, difficult mother to understand. His goal is to now teach others how to deal with the anger that comes from feeling unloved for a lifetime. Anger comes from Fear and at some point we have to choose not to feed those seeds and leave them alone and not trying to kill the Ego that wants to bring them back to life again.
Seeds of Fear will always be there and can’t be destroyed, because they belong there. We chose to plant them and nurture them, but we can also choose to STOP watering them with our anger and let them go back into the ground and lay dormant forever with God’s guidance .
The Heart Transformation Process that you will learn as a CW Tribe member is a Gratitude Garden gift from David and our Tribe meant to be openly shared to help you heal your heart from within and allow you to feel the good and God within your own heart, as well.
So, the essence of this Heart Transformation Process we will teach you is
1 Feel the FEAR of being Unworthy of LOVE 100%.
2. Express your ANGER in writing and make it real.
3. FORGIVE your human heart for Being Human and making unhealthy choices of women for men to love.
So, today we have been given a great gift of understanding and wisdom from the Gratitude Garden that we wish to pass along as our gift to you. We all have to look in the mirror and see the image of our own anger at some time and it’s scary. But learning how to turn Fear to Anger to Forgiveness and release in the Gratitude Garden forever can only happen with God’s guidance, meditation, and prayer.
Forgiveness for our human choices and failed relationships begins and shall continue as a Gratitude Garden gift connection to God’s heart that has been opened 100% in the Gratitude Garden zone of your choice.
When you finish the Heart Transformation process you will be able to listen and guide your self after spending enough time listening and meditating in the Gratitude Garden, asking for guidance. All Gratitude Garden healing is heart centered and comes from a humble heart connected to love in the Gratitude Garden Zone we choose to visit and enjoy every day.
So please send us your comments and we will gladly send you a link to the Gratitude Garden Meditation Practice so that you can begin to implement this in your own life with your friends as a Balanced Approach to Healing your own We heart are from all within. This is the heart center of our Healthy Ageing Movement and together we can Win our Freedom by taking responsibility for our own attitude and choices..

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