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The Thompson Collective

“With GRATITUDE” February, 1st, 2017

This blog is the starting point for a Healthy Ageing Movement and a Healthy Ageing Foundation nonprofit organization in America.
The Healthy Ageing Movement is about Advocating, Researching, Teaching the Art and Science of Healthy Ageing across generations and cultures to eventually go global.
As the Community Evangelist Organizer, CEO my responsibility is to make sure that we are always speaking from the heart, connecting hearts with Gratitude online and offline too.

Our Compassionate Warrior Tribe members are dedicated to teaching the Four Fold Way Philosophy of the Compassionate Warrior Tribal lifestyle in the Gratitude Garden Zone to help everyone make Healthy Ageing choices for themselves, their family of choice, and healthy friends too.
As the Founder and CEO of this Healthy Ageing Movement I take full responsibility for every post on this blog. Our goal is to help all CW Tribe members to also take full responsibility for their choices and live up to their full potential as a human being.
Our guiding principle is that “Every human being deserves to be treated with Dignity and Respect as a unique individual worthy of LOVE and Forgiveness “. That starts within your own heart. We now have a Gratitude Garden Meditation practice and Heart Healthy Transformation Process Formula that we will Freely share with you.
For all who want to learn How To do everything With Gratitude we will send you a link to our written program online to be shared and practiced with one or more close friends. Let us know if you are interested ok?
Please stay tuned and do everything today, With Gratitude.
David Nelson CEO
Healthy Ageing Coach

Healthy Ageing Foundation

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