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January 24, 2016

I visited DOLLY yesterday and she was happy to see me. It had been four days since we went out to lunch and we left in an argument over her cigarettes. She had completely forgotten all that & said nothing.

Today she called crying that she hadn’t seen me in a long time and was worried about me after one day.

I’m trying to see her less now, because I’m busy starting our www.DementiaCoaching.net business.

In the Dementia world of opposites there was no problem being away for four days when she was mad at me, but when not mad she was worried after only one day. A No Win situation, don’t you think?

I could try to make her mad at me after every visit right and she would miss me less for a longer period of time, but that wouldn’t work if I started the fight instead of her. The rules of logic don’t apply in the Dementia Zone. Does anyone get that?

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