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January 19, 2016

Today I took Dolly out to lunch & she had very low energy. She was still very emotional about all of her drama from the day before. She cried about her dogs again and then went on about being deprived of cigarettes again.

I was told that she was opening all the windows in all the rooms trying to escape. So I decided to take the side of truth and defended the staff saying they told me she had had her cigarettes. I knew that would make her mad, but I hoped to make staff look better in her eyes.

I explained what I did to the nurse she likes. I did a Good Cop, Bad Cop routine to try to help her feel better about where she lives. I asked this nurse to talk to her later to see if my reverse psychology would work. We’ll see, sometimes you do your best and pray for a positive result in the undiscovered country of dementia.

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